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Acer VL7860 Projector

Manufactured By: AcerModel: MR.JPX11.002
  • 8.5 kg
DLP 4K UHD Projector, 3000lm, 1500000/1, HDMI, RJ45, Laser, Rec 709, 8.5kg, EU/UK Power EMEA
Acer VL7860 Projector

Acer VL7860 - 4K home cinema projector with laser light source

The Acer VL7860 not only offers a high-resolution 4K UHD resolution but also a laser light source with up to 30,000 hours of life. Replacement lamps are a thing of the past!

Main Specifications

Product Description

Acer VL7860 - DLP projector

Device Type

DLP projector - High Definition 4K

Built-in Devices

Stereo speakers




3000 lumens

Contrast Ratio

1500000:1 (dynamic)


3840 x 2160

Native Aspect Ratio


Colour Support

1.07 billion colours

Bulb type

Laser diode

Bulb life cycle

Up to 20000 hour(s) / up to 30000 hour(s) (economic mode)


Speaker(s) - integrated


AC 120/230 V

Dimensions (WxDxH)

45.8 cm x 28.9 cm x 15.7 cm


8.5 kg

4K UHD resolution

Thanks to the 4K-UHD resolution, the Acer VL7860 offers a breathtaking display. With its 3840 x 2160 pixels it provides for excellent detail richness. It is thus the perfect partner for the home cinema space and together with a UHD Blu-ray player, it ensures the perfect cinema feeling at home.

Laser light source

In terms of entertainment, the Acer VL7860 is priced favourably. Thanks to its laser light source, the projector offers a run time of the light source of up to 20,000 hours in normal mode and up to 30,000 hours in Eco mode. The lamp change is therefore is not necessary, thus saving you the cost of a replacement lamp. The Acer VL7860 is perhaps a bit more expensive in its initial purchase, but it does not incur any costs for maintenance by the bulbs. For a conventional projector to get to 30,000 hours, multiple bulbs would be required.


A feature that should not be missing in a home cinema projector like the Acer VL7860 is the frame interpolation. It provides liquid images with fast movements. Especially in action films with fast cuts and longer camera angles, the frame interpolation can do its best work. Here, acer call it AcuMotion technology. The VL7860 is adjustable in three steps.

HDR compatible

A must with a 4K-projector like the Acer VL7860 is the HDR compatibility. Thanks to this, completely new contrast worlds can be displayed. In this case, the high-dynamic range not only ensures a higher contrast but also a positive influence on the colour representation. Thanks to HDR the nuances in the colour presentation are further broken down, which makes for a more lively picture. This makes an HDR image against an SDR image a whole new experience.

The Acer 4K-Projector offers the full support of the Rec. 709 colour space in terms of colour rendering and is compatible with the Rec. 2020 or BT.2020 colour space. It supports the current and future standard, which is excellent news for the playback of 4K movies. Thanks to the support of BT.2020, the VL7860 is future-proof, as far as the UHD Blu-ray content is concerned. In addition, the colour rendering is such that it can be calibrated according to the ISF ccc standard. It provides a memory space for day and night settings.

Super Resolution

In addition to the AcuMotion, there is another feature to improve the picture quality, the Super Resolution. It provides a re-sharpening of the image and thus brings out even more picture quality and visual clarity from the 4K resolution. 


The DLP Projector uses the 3840 x 2160 pixels of the 4K UHD resolution in the 16:9 format. Its light output is at a good level with 3000 lumens. especially in connection with the laser light source. This also explains the strong contrast of 1,500,000: 1. In our Acer V7860 review it came out well when projecting dark picture contents.


Here the Acer VL7860 offers a good selection. It has two HDMI inputs, one of which is 4K and MHL-capable. There is also a VGA input and a VGA output. For the 2 x 5 watt loudspeaker, a 3.5 mm jack input and output is available. For the power supply of external emitters, e.g. a google Chromecast dongle, it provides a 5V DC USB port. A mini-USB interface is available for the service and a 12V trigger connection is available for the control of a lift or a screen. The control of the projector is possible via LAN and RS232.


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